Readers are saying this is my best book!

Dear book lover,
Sweet Love and Country Roads is live on all retailers! This novel has got it all, including:

♥ A sexy, infuriatingly irresistible hero who looks as good in a suit as he does in cowboy boots
♥ A feisty city girl who’s about to have her entire world tipped upside down
♥ The backdrop of an adorable, quaint small town
♥ The cutest pets ever—I’m not kidding!
♥ Sweet’N Hot Kisses
♥And an enemies to lovers chemistry like no other

As a writer, I’m always surrounded by a halo of self-doubt whenever I release a new story into the wild. Will this book be as good as my last—or any good at all?

Well, with Sweet Love and Country Roads those fears were promptly disbanded. I was stunned and ecstatic to read from early reviews many readers think this is my best work to date. Thank you! Here are a few snippets:

  • Sweet Love and Country Roads is my favorite Camilla Isley novel so far, hands down! A five-star experience! Sarah Steven – Chick Lit Central
  • This new book was just perfection in every possible way! I honestly think this is Camilla Isley’s best work (till now) and there was never a doubt in my mind that this story was worthy of my rare and precious five star – rating. Tiziana – Tizi’s Book Reviews
  • With Samantha’s endless supply of inappropriate (for the rural town) clothing and shoes, there were so many moments that had me laughing. Proud Book Reviews

Sweet Love and Country Roads is out now in eBook, Audio, and Print!

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Available In AudioBook:

What I love most about this book: The cute animals and the insane chemistry between Sam and Travis, a man who in equal parts infuriates her, yet sets her soul on fire.

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