The Love Theorem (Previously To the Stars and Back)

Being re-released on June 13

A STEMinist Romantic Comedy That Will Bring You LOVE LIKE IN THE MOVIES… 

The Love Theorem - A Steminist romatic comedy novel Are a rocket scientist and Hollywood’s brightest star a match made in heaven or is it a catastrophe headed for a crash landing?

Lana loves four things: science, her cats, her friends, and her books.

She’s on her way to earning her PhD when she finds out her long-term boyfriend has been sleeping with her best friend! That discovery has her hiding in the broom closet at a posh hotel.

Only, it turns out broom closets are the place to be these days.

Christian Slade, America’s sexiest man alive (as voted by fans), in a desperate attempt to escape the paparazzi finds himself in a broom closet with one sobbing occupant.

Unable to leave a damsel in distress, he offers help, only to realize she has no idea who he is! It’s like he’s been given a gift. A smart, beautiful woman, who isn’t after him for fame and fortune . . .

Soon Christian is buying a Tesla to impress his scientist with his eco credentials and taking her on dates where no one will recognize him. But as Christian falls in love he worries what will happen when Lana finds out who he is?

A STEMinist romance with an unforgettable meet-cute perfect for fans of Ali Hazelwood!

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 Praise for To the Stars and Back

Cute, sweet, and fun! Zoe – Whats Better Than Books?

I completely fell for Christian in this book and its been ages since I last felt like this about a book boyfriend. Rachel – Rachel Random Reads

A fabulous, sweet and funny read. Fede – ItaPixie’s Book Corner

This book had me smiling away to myself!! It has the perfect mixture of sweet, passion, drama and courage! Michelle – Come Read With Me

A fun read filled with humor, heart, and love big enough to reach…to the stars and back. Recommended read for Contemporary Romance, Chick-Lit, and Romantic Comedy fans. Get ready to be starstruck… Gina – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

A fantastic romantic read that I devoured in one sitting.  Kay – Coffee and Kindle Book Reviews

An addictive page turner… with an absolutely wonderful meet-cute.  Julie – Romantic Reads and Such

An exciting, heartwarming story… perfect for Paige Toon fans. Michelle – Baker’s Not So Secret Blog

This is a book I couldn’t stop smiling throughout. FNM – Book Reviews and More

This is a super read which has lighthearted moments as any good romcom should have. Marianne – Books, Life and Everything

I am not happy with this book… this because… I want more!!! Tiziana – Tizi’s Book Review

You can definitely feel the chemistry between main characters. They are so different but they are perfect for each other. To the Stars and Back is an adorable rom-com that made me smile a lot. San – Behind the Sentence

He did the little things that count. Not some big grand showy thing that money buys. He did things that were meaningful to her. Why can’t more guys be like this? Proud Book Reviews

It’s not everyday the female lead is revered more for her high intelligence, than her beauty…It was nice to see that dynamic between Lana and Christian…the inner workings of going against the grain and following what the heart wants… Sara – Chick Lit Central

I adored these characters…   Penned in my favorite dual POV, the writing style was crisp and engaging, yet also perceptive and loaded with wry wit and clever touches… I zipped through their star-crossed storylines. Honolulubelle – Books & Bindings

I loved the interactions from them at the start, they are worlds apart and it was mesmerising to see how things progressed… and lived for the Notting Hill type moment… Bernadette –  BRMaycock’s Book Blog

Get swept away for a few hours and fall under the spell of these wonderful characters and see if love can conquer all. Laura – Laura’s Interests

This was such a fun story to read, and one I was able to lose myself in very quickly. If you’re into highly romantic, boy meets girl type of novels, ‘To the Stars and Back’ would be right up your street. Kaisha – The Writing Garnet

I couldn’t put it down anymore and I was blown away by all players in this story. Fany – In de Boekenkast

I loved, LOVED this book. Ami-May – Reading Through The Pain

I flew through ‘To the Stars and Back’, every spare minute of the day I picked this book up and didn’t want to put it down. Hannah – Love Books Actually

This is a delicious romcom with misunderstandings, clashings of different lifestyles, friendships, loyalty and betrayals, temporary heartbreak and then permanent happiness… Stephanie – Books are Cool

The perfect weekend read… This was such a fun lighthearted story with some pretty darn fabulous characters! Berit – Audio Killed the Bookmark

I didn’t want to put it down. Kate – Everywhere & Nowhere

This novel is a fun, quick and easy read perfect or an afternoon in the sunshine! For fans of Paige Toon and Giovanna Fletcher. Lisa – A Girl With Her Head Stuck in a Book

It’s a light-hearted romantic read. Two people getting to know each other without the world interfering. How long can the good times last? Cheryl – Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog

If you are looking for a purely indulgent and romantic light read to cure the blues or to to read out in the sun then this is perfect… I completely devoured this fun romance novel… Lana and Christian are both highly likable characters.  Christian is a man in touch with his feelings and will appeal to many readers whilst Lana…  I was delighted to read about a beautiful and strong woman with a high flying STEM career. This book was just the perfect escape for me and I was really sorry when it ended. Kerry – Herding Cats

The book is perfect for fans of Rom-Coms and with two more books in the series being planned this is a fabulous series to invest your time in. Stacey – Whispering Stories

This was the first time I have read a book by Isley and what a magical experience it was.  I loved this sweet and funny read. Jolene – Babydolls and Razorblades

I adored the absolute contrast between our main characters – a superstar, Hollywood actor and a super smart rocket scientist who has absolutely no idea of who she happens to meet in a cupboard and who she has that instant connection with.  Who wouldn’t like the romantic gestures a Hollywood heartthrob could throw your way?! … I read it in one sitting because I was really involved. It’s an easy read, light and a really sweet tale. In keeping with a rom-com film. I will look forward to reading more. Jenn – The Comfy Chair

From a storage room meet-cute, there springs an unlikely relationship — a rocket scientist and a film star — that involves a lot of laughter and hurdles, of course… An easy, quirky read that will keep you glued to the end even if you are quite sure of the Cinderella ending. Finitha – Know Your Books

The plot was really good, it was fun, sweet and a genuinely feel good read.  The characters were well developed and their personalities were great, I loved the contrast. I loved being able to follow the story with them, seeing them developed and the ending was great- the book had the perfect mix! Donna – Donna’s Book Blog


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