Falling For Her Best Friend

This standalone novel will be initially released as part of the My Funny Valentine Collection

Fake Engagement Romantic ComedyA friends to lovers, fake dating rom-com

Lori desperately needs a date to her best friend’s wedding. Especially since Aiden—fair, blond, everybody’s All-American dream—is the lost love of her life.

Enter Jace—her tall, dark, brooding other best friend—who reluctantly agrees to step in.

Jace has always been too wild for Lori—the personification of danger and excitement. But when he starts acting like the sweetest, most attentive boyfriend… Lori doesn’t mind playing pretend. In fact, the more she pretends to be in love with him, the more it feels like she might be catching feelings for real…

Initially, this novel will be released as part of the My Funny Valentine Collection. Check out this amazing box set of 16 novels available to pre-order for only 99c