First Comes Love Series

First Comes Love Series

First Comes Love is a series of interconnected romantic comedies that will have you laughing and swooning… however, each book in the series can be read as a standalone novel as well…

Book 1

chick lit

An Enemies to Lovers, Neighbors to Lovers Romcom
Two neighbors with opposites characters engage in a battle of wits in the playfield of love. FREE AT ALL RETAILERS!

What I love most about this book: Vivian is a single mom but still dreams about love, and Luke is a true gentleman. And all the crazy dates 🙂


Book 2

chick lit book An Office Romance
After 29-year-old Blair loses her boyfriend and her job in the same day, she decides it’s time to let go and finally live a little. But what happens when this Goody Two-shoes starts breaking all of her own rules — to totally unexpected outcomes?

What I love most about this book: The sense of freedom and liberation. And the cute puppy 😉


Book 3

holidays romance A Fake Relationship Holiday Romance
When Nikki returns home for Christmas, she’s determined not to let her family know she’s single — especially since her sister is now engaged to Nikki’s longtime crush. Hiring a fake boyfriend seems like the perfect solution… but their pretend relationship might spark real feelings!

What I love most about this book: The holiday spirit, of course.


Book 4

chick lit book A Celebrity Rom Com
Megastar Christian is used to women who only want him for his fame — but when he meets geeky Lana, a rocket scientist who has no idea who he is, how long can he conceal his life in the spotlight? A fun-filled romantic comedy!

What I love most about this book: The meet-cute ad the fact that Lana is an engineer and super smart!


Book 5

chick lit book An Enemies to Lovers, Adventure Rom Com
Thrown together on an expedition to find the legendary Lost City of Gold, photographer Winter and archaeologist Logan are instant enemies. But as they journey through the jungle together — and their treasure hunt takes an unexpected turn — the line between love and hate begins to blur…

What I love most about this book: I finally got to go on a treasure hunt!

Book 6

chick lit bookA Wedding Date Rom Com
A wedding, a handsome best man, a pact for seven nights of no-strings-attached fun…

What could go wrong?

What I love most about this book: Summer isn’t perfect, she made some serious mistakes…

Book 7

chick lit book

Movie producer Samantha Baker is a city girl to boot. Unfortunately, her boss just exiled her to the country to supervise a derailed filming schedule. A local cowboy could make her reconsider the hardships of not having a Starbucks within twenty miles… But will a roll in the hay be enough for Samantha to decide there’s no sex in the city and convert to small-town life?

What I love most about this book: The enemies to lovers dynamic and all the kisses.

Book 0.5

chick lit

A Sliding Doors Rom Com
While sitting in an airport, Gemma is confronted with a choice: be her best friend’s maid of honor or crash her ex’s wedding. Follow along as she lives out both possibilities in this rollicking tale perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella!

What I love most about this book: That Gemma gets to live out both her choices… it’s basically two love stories in one.

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chick lit book chick lit book chick lit book