Romantic Comedy

Sweet Love and Coutry Roads


Home for Christmas

Facing a looming deadline, author Riven heads to a mountain cabin for a much-needed writing retreat over Christmas. But a double booking leaves him crammed in the space with another family — and sharing a bunk bed with playwright Wendy. Cue the shenanigans in this cheerful romantic read!

A Christmas Caroline

On Christmas Eve, Caroline receives a visit from a cheeky Christmas spirit. When she wakes up suddenly married with three kids and living two doors down from her parents in New Jersey, Caroline has a chance to experience the life she would’ve had if she’d made a different choice.

Fool Me Twice at Christmas

A charming holiday romance: Chuck and Kate broke up months ago — but for the sake of their families, they have no choice but to pretend they’re still together. When they get accidentally engaged, their faked feelings may turn real again just in time for Christmas!


Divorce lawyer Vivian’s business is in trouble when couples therapist Lucas moves in next door — and starts stealing her clients! Fierce competitors, they enter a bet that puts them in a head-to-head battle… A touching enemies-to-lovers rom-com!


From the same narrator of The Unhoneymooners comes a brand new, stand-alone romantic comedy.
A wedding, a handsome best man, a pact for seven nights of no-strings-attached fun… What could go wrong?
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Thrown together on an expedition to find the legendary Lost City of Gold, photographer Winter and archaeologist Logan are instant enemies. But as they journey through the jungle together — and their treasure hunt takes an unexpected turn — the line between love and hate begins to blur…
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To the Stars and Back

Megastar Christian is used to women who only want him for his fame — but when he meets geeky Lana, a rocket scientist who has no idea who he is, how long can he conceal his life in the spotlight? A fun-filled romantic comedy!
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A Christmas Date

When Nikki returns home for Christmas, she’s determined not to let her family know she’s single — especially since her sister is now engaged to Nikki’s longtime crush. Hiring a fake boyfriend seems like the perfect solution… but their pretend relationship might spark real feelings!
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I Have Never

What if being a bad girl was better?
After her life falls apart, Blair sets out to tackle all the don’ts on her be-good list with hilarious consequences…
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Love Connection

Gemma Dawson is at a crossroads: Be maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding or crash her ex’s?
Unknown to her, the decision hinges on a delayed flight and a chance meeting. Now her life is about to go down two parallel tracks—will Gemma fly toward a life with her first love or a future with a man she’s not even met yet?
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A Sudden Crush

Joanna Price is about to start her dream life with a tropical honeymoon — until her plane crashes on a deserted island. With only her annoying seat partner for company, will she be able to survive long enough to go back to her picture-perfect life?
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I Wish for You

When Ally johnson finds out that her ex is engaged, her heart breaks all over again — until she finds a worthy distraction. An ancient, magical object and a mysterious stranger promise to grant all her wishes, but does Ally truly know what she wants?
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New adult romance

Just Friends

Love and friendship mix in the Just Friends series… The books follow the misadventures and exploits of a group of college students in Boston. Join these friends as they search for that special someone and learn to weather love’s high and lows along the way.

Let’s Be Just Friends

What if you were in love with the wrong man?
Because for Rose being in love with her best friend has never been easy…

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